Vala — язык программирования, предназначенный для прикладного и системного программирования на основе библиотек GLib Object System (GObject) рабочей среды GNOME/GTK+.

Компилятор valac входит в состав Linux Ubuntu 18.04 Desktop.

valac --help
  valac [ПАРАМЕТР…] FILE... - Vala Compiler

Параметры справки:
  -?, --help                         Показать параметры справки

Параметры приложения:
  --vapidir=DIRECTORY...             Look for package bindings in DIRECTORY
  --girdir=DIRECTORY...              Look for .gir files in DIRECTORY
  --metadatadir=DIRECTORY...         Look for GIR .metadata files in DIRECTORY
  --pkg=PACKAGE...                   Include binding for PACKAGE
  --vapi=FILE                        Output VAPI file name
  --library=NAME                     Library name
  --shared-library=NAME              Shared library name used in generated gir
  --gir=NAME-VERSION.gir             GObject-Introspection repository file name
  -b, --basedir=DIRECTORY            Base source directory
  -d, --directory=DIRECTORY          Change output directory from current working directory
  --version                          Display version number
  --api-version                      Display API version number
  -C, --ccode                        Output C code
  -H, --header=FILE                  Output C header file
  --use-header                       Use C header file
  --includedir=DIRECTORY             Directory used to include the C header file
  -h, --internal-header=FILE         Output internal C header file
  --internal-vapi=FILE               Output vapi with internal api
  --fast-vapi                        Output vapi without performing symbol resolution
  --use-fast-vapi                    Use --fast-vapi output during this compile
  --vapi-comments                    Include comments in generated vapi
  --deps                             Write make-style dependency information to this file
  --symbols=FILE                     Output symbols file
  -c, --compile                      Compile but do not link
  -o, --output=FILE                  Place output in file FILE
  -g, --debug                        Produce debug information
  --thread                           Enable multithreading support (DEPRECATED AND IGNORED)
  --enable-mem-profiler              Enable GLib memory profiler
  -D, --define=SYMBOL...             Define SYMBOL
  --main=SYMBOL...                   Use SYMBOL as entry point
  --nostdpkg                         Do not include standard packages
  --disable-assert                   Disable assertions
  --enable-checking                  Enable additional run-time checks
  --enable-deprecated                Enable deprecated features
  --hide-internal                    Hide symbols marked as internal
  --enable-experimental              Enable experimental features
  --disable-warnings                 Disable warnings
  --fatal-warnings                   Treat warnings as fatal
  --disable-since-check              Do not check whether used symbols exist in local packages
  --enable-experimental-non-null     Enable experimental enhancements for non-null types
  --enable-gobject-tracing           Enable GObject creation tracing
  --cc=COMMAND                       Use COMMAND as C compiler command
  -X, --Xcc=OPTION...                Pass OPTION to the C compiler
  --pkg-config=COMMAND               Use COMMAND as pkg-config command
  --dump-tree=FILE                   Write code tree to FILE
  --save-temps                       Keep temporary files
  --profile=PROFILE                  Use the given profile instead of the default
  -q, --quiet                        Do not print messages to the console
  -v, --verbose                      Print additional messages to the console
  --no-color                         Disable colored output, alias for --color=never
  --color=WHEN                       Enable color output, options are 'always', 'never', or 'auto'
  --target-glib=MAJOR.MINOR          Target version of glib for code generation
  --gresources=FILE...               XML of gresources
  --gresourcesdir=DIRECTORY...       Look for resources in DIRECTORY
  --enable-version-header            Write vala build version in generated files
  --disable-version-header           Do not write vala build version in generated files
  --run-args                         Arguments passed to directly compiled executeable
  --abi-stability                    Enable support for ABI stability

Язык Vala поддерживается интегрированной средой разработки графических программ Anjuta

Программирование на Vala в IDE Anjuta